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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Freakin' Out

Well, good morning!! 

Strep throat has cleared up.  Finally!  It was a rough bout this time...ugh.  It took 4 full days of medicine before I realized I was going to feel better one day!  Have you ever been so sick you forget what feeling good feels like and then you feel good and realize how awful you were feeling?  Yeah, that totally happened. 

Our DC trip was GREAT!  Conner was so perfectly behaved and he enjoyed meeting a new friend and our super sweet hostess was the best hostess anyone could ever ask for!  When we pulled in to town, it was foggy and raining a little (yuk), but I parked at the first parking lot I could find ($11 for ONE HOUR??  Seriously!?) and Conner and I ran to the White House.  He was very excited to see it up close...I'll admit I was a little excited, too!  I've never actually gotten out of the car and walked up to the fence.  Well, maybe back in 8th grade on a school trip, but I remember very little about that trip. 

Anyway, the next morning I got up super early and drove to the park where the race was being held.  It was chilly, but warmed up nicely during the run.  I ran hard and fast when I could, but walked more than I would've liked.  The course was pretty awesome.  Some tough hills, a lot of trail, even a suspension bridge!  The bridge kind of messed me up...it was after mile marker 4, I believe.  There were marines (this was an MCM race) at the entrance to the bridge making sure we went across in a single file line, and I tried to run across but found myself airborne!  Scary!  When I got to the other side (it wasn't long, but I don't know measurements.  Maybe....20 yards?) and went down the steps, I had to walk to correct my bouncing?  Does that make sense?  I felt SO strange and all dizzy, but not in my head...just my legs were confused.  That is the best I can do with putting it into words.  HA!  The finish line was at the top of a hill!  The TOP!  A rather big hill!  When I saw the 6th mile marker I figured I could just book it, right?  No.  Whew.  I crossed the finish line at 1:03 exactly (chip time).

Now I have had 2 days of rest and am ready to get on with my training.  I have 3 weeks until the Charlottesville Half, and the Blue Ridge Marathon is just 2 weeks after that!  I booked my hotel room in Roanoke, so it's totally on.  I have entertained thoughts of dropping out, dropping to the half, trying to find a relay team....but, I'm not doing any of those things.  I am registered and will start at the starting line to complete a full marathon.  It might take me the full 8 hours to do it, I might hate life at the finish line....OR it could be amazing.  I have read the entire website and the comments from previous years are all about how beautiful the scenery is and how the spectators are awesome.  The hotel I am staying in is at the 22.5 mile mark, so I am trying to make arrangements for Shaun to come with me.  Over the next few weeks, I will be amping up my training.  Really trying to get a good amount of miles on my legs and try out some different shoes/clothing combinations.  After the half marathon, I might do ONE more long run, but I will likely just do a lot of little ones.  I am going to majorly clean up my diet over the next 5 weeks...which I should be doing anyways. 

Speaking of that...I hate watching what I eat.  Beyond watching it go in my mouth!  Haha.  I love all things processed and sugary.  I also love healthy things, but they are harder to grab and go.  Fruit is great, yes.  It's good for you and all natural...the "problem" is how much my kids eat of it and still seem to be hungry!  We have a pretty small grocery budget (considering it's for a family of 6!), and I have the hardest time staying under.  I know I've complained before here about all the food these kids (and Shaun and I!) eat...there just seems to be no solution.  I would really like to buckle down and set a weekly menu, but who has time for that stuff?  Oh...I guess if I have time for Words with Friends, I have time for that, huh?  :P

That's it for today.  Have a great day!!

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  1. Carl and I are now doing the paleo diet. Hopefully it will become more of a way of eating instead of a "diet". Everything you eat is all natural and clean so you know you are doing something good for your body. I have dropped 1.5 pounds this week and only worked out 3 times since I last weighed. I am thinking it is the change in my eating habits that caused me to lose. I am just 7 pounds from my goal weight!!Good luck in your training!


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