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Monday, February 27, 2012

Lil' bit of catch up and a "good-bye"!

Not so much a "good bye", but a "see ya later"!  My weekly challenge is NO Facebook and NO blogging.  Whew.  Toughie.  I'm a tough girl, though!

So, I actually think this is the perfect week for the no fb and blog challenge.  Number one, I have found a new book series that I am LOVING and it is totally consuming my "spare" time, and it's probably best that I stick to reading that and my Bible study for spare time. 

Number two, I am embarking on something new and exciting this week.  It will likely take over this blog.  It is a new twist on my "old" goals! 

I am now a distributor for AdvoCare.  If you haven't ever heard of it, feel free to check them out (I linked the name to the website).  I will be honest and tell you I don't know much just yet.  Here's what I do know, however.  A long time friend, from many, many years ago has lost over 100 pounds using these products.  Another friend (totally unrelated to friend #1) has also lost many pounds (I'm sorry I don't know her exact amount).  A 3rd friend has been signed up for almost a year - she never needed to lose any weight, but has always been interested in better health for her family (herself, husband, 2 daughters).  All three of these women have approached me and/or discussed this company with me over the past year, and I finally gave in to what has always felt right to me. 

Does this sound too vague?  Well, you will be walking through it with me, so I promise details will be revealed along the way!  (**I do want to say, however, if I move along too slowly for you, my friend, Alison, would be more than happy to answer questions!)

It all starts (for me) with a 24-day challenge.  For the first 24 days of March, I will be using the products and meal plan provided by AdvoCare.  I will take before pictures - both clothed AND in a bathing suit (eeek!!!) - before weight, and before measurements.  After 24 days, I promise to post the before stats and, at least, the clothed picture....if the results are awesome, you might get a bathing suit shot, but NO PROMISES.  Ha, ha.

I am planning to start on Thursday, but I should have the products here tomorrow.  My plan is to head out Wednesday and get my shopping done for at least the first 10 days.  I am going to attack this with full dedication and concentration.  Well, half-concentration maybe.  It's about all I have left to "give".  Anyway, I will be able to post an update at midnight on Monday, so after a full 5 days. 

AdvoCare says "In 24 minutes you will feel the difference!  In 24hours you will know the difference!  In 24days you will see the difference!"

Oh yeah, I'm all about that.  Basically, days 1-10 are a "Cleanse".  Days 11-23 involve two options, one being "simple" and the other a bit of a challenge.  I'm not committing either way right this minute, but I will say the current plan is to take the "challenging" route. 

So, Audrey, how's the running been going?  Well, if you must know, I'm kind of in a stuck spot.  It probably hasn't been going on as long as it feels like it has to me, but it feels like I've been in a rut for-EVER.  I think my body and mind went through some blues this winter.  I was not feeling up to much of anything.  Once I started working 3 or 4 nights a week, it got even worse!  Tired all day long, cranky.  When I would get out or to the gym for a run, I would be so consumed with these thoughts of "you can't do this!  what are you doing?  you're not a runner!  i can't breathe!"  Ridiculous stuff.  Sometimes I feel soooo slow, but then I get home and map my route only to find out it was an average pace or even faster than average!  Very strange.

All of this to say I feel I may be headed back to good.  I have found a friend to watch the kids from 9-12 on Wednesday mornings, so I will have time to do long runs on a day I don't have to go in to work later.  My plan heading forward is to run @5-7 on Mondays, long run Wednesdays, 3-4 miles Thursdays before a low-impact aerobics class.  That's it.  I still work on Friday evenings, and now I've picked up a serving shift on Saturday nights.  It really is fun for me and the money is great, so it's totally worth it.  However, spare time on the weekends is quickly filled with family stuff and/or shopping, so I was pushing any scheduled runs to the back burner. 

This Wednesday I would like to shoot for 14 miles...I haven't run anything longer than 12 since the half marathon back in September, and I only have just under 8 weeks left before the Blue Ridge Marathon!  I'm so nervous.  I have seriously considered, many times, just emailing to see if I can switch down to the half...but I haven't done it.  I'm running the Charlottesville Half 2 weeks before the full, and I just think it would be so anti-climactic to back down now.  Even if I have to walk some of the marathon, the time limit is 8 hours...that should be enough time. 

Do you ever wish you could turn off your brain?  I get that "stinkin' thinkin'" and I just can't move past it!!  It really doesn't help that I will likely be traveling to my first marathon ever all by myself, and won't have anyone to look for along the course.  Or at the finish line. 

Pity party!!!  Sorry!  I'm still moving forward, and I'm totally going to try.  Nobody ever got anywhere without trying, right?!

So, for now, folks, it's "see you later" time.  I will keep great notes this week and you can look forward to a lengthy post next week!  I can even start typing it into Word through the week....the Challenge didn't say NO computer, just specifically no Facebook and no blogging. 


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  1. You can do it Audrey!!! Can't wait to hear all about it next week! :)


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