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Sunday, February 23, 2014


Well, good morning!  I'm coming back.  At least for today. 

Things have been going well on the home front.  The boys are all in school full-time.  An adorable private school located just down the street from my husband's job.  The girl goes to Pre-K 3 days a week, Tuesday through Thursday, 9-3.  I use this time for laundry and some cleaning....and, let's be honest, I often take naps.  It's pretty awesome.  I totally justify my naps, though, because I am working 4 nights a week and the little girl does not allow me to sleep through the night without a minimum of 2 yells for milk. 

Anyway, I really need to lose some weight.  I have put some pounds back on...sadly, in the WORST area for me - my belly.  I joined up with MOLO via Baby Boot Camp again this year.  This was a three month challenge I joined last year and had a blast and made so many new friends and I just missed the heck out of all of it!!!  So, February - April I have weekly challenges to accomplish and monthly assessments to work on and fitness classes I could attend Monday through Friday.  I have committed to Tuesdays and Thursdays EVERY week, with the hopes that I can get to many Wednesdays, as well.  I am still running quite a bit.  Training for the Charlottesville 10-miler coming up on March 29!  My only goal for that race is NO WALKING.  My furthest run ever without walk breaks is 7 miles, so this will definitely be a challenge, but I know I can do it. 

I had set a goal of running one race per month this year...but I am considering altering this a little bit.  See, there were no races for me to run in January, so I made up my own!  I mapped out a 6.2 course here where I live and bought some medals and invited a few friends to join me.  We ran, took pictures with our medals, and then went out for coffee.  I totally thought that counted.  So, for February, I signed my husband and I up for a couples 5K on February 15.  Then Charlottesville was hit with some MAJOR snow that week and the 5K was postponed....by the time I got the email about the new date of February 22, I couldn't make a babysitter work out.  So, instead, a friend and I ran the same 6.2 miles!  With a faster time than my January run of the exact same route!  It has to be said, January's run was through major rain and thunder.  I am thinking I will run that 6.2 mile route each month, with the intent of getting faster each month! 

1/11 - 1:19
2/22 - 1:07

I like the dates!  Haha, that was totally unintentional.  So, since the 10-miler is on 3/29, I will go for 3/22 for my next try of running that route faster.  Fun!  I still have medals, so any local friends who decide to join me can earn one! 

I need to get my eating under control, but I am seriously struggling with it.  I love food.  I have a sick obsession with food.  It's not healthy, it's not good for my kids to witness or be a part of....I just love to eat.  On the flip side, if I start to think about it too much, I will go the extreme and eat NOTHING.  Now, before anyone gets worried, I am far, far, far from anorexic.  I don't have it in me.  I absolutely couldn't do it.  What happens is this:  I have coffee in the morning.  I start to think about my day...what I need to do, when I need to do it.  What do I have in the house to eat?  Is it good for me?  If I have both good and bad choices, how do I make myself choose well?  All of these thoughts spin and spin and spin, then I get overwhelmed and it's suddenly 2 pm and I haven't eaten anything.  So, I go bananas.  I eat everything!  I don't seem to get full....like, ever.  Then I am angry with myself and I mentally decide "I'll start tomorrow."  It's always tomorrow.  Except, then it never seems to actually BE tomorrow. 

I'm not going to diet.  I'm not going to obsess.  I am simply going to have an abundance of fruit and vegetables in this house.  I'm going to keep putting the bread in the cabinet, instead of leaving it out by the toaster, because out of sight really does seem to be out of mind for me!  I find that I drink more water when I buy bottles and have them handy in the fridge, so I will do this.  I have frozen fruit and some protein shake powder.  Once it gets warmer out, hopefully I will stop craving so much warm food and be able to drink some of these shakes.  Until then, I just need to plan out 3 meals a day and actually sit down at the table to eat them. 

Okay, that's all for now.  I hope to write regularly! 

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