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Monday, July 29, 2013

Weight Watchers

I have decided to join Weight Watchers again!  And by "decided" I mean, I did it.  I joined up.  Paid for three months which will take me to my 34th birthday in October.  YAY!  I am actually very excited.  I had been going by an 8/16 hour fasting routine...eat for 8 hours only a day, then fast for 16 hours straight.  It was actually awesome.  I liked having those guidelines to follow!  I certainly didn't gain any weight, but I also didn't lose any.  And I was beginning to not like the feeling of being hungry...particularly on my early morning running days.  I think I will get back to that way of eating/living in the winter, though. 

So, I started Saturday.  I have my first goal set and I have asked one of my co-workers (and dear friend) to purchase a gift for me (I am giving her $25).  She is not to tell me what it is, and I only get it when I reach my first goal.  I am pretty excited because this woman is very thrifty and trendy and cool!!!  So, obviously, she will buy me something that fits all of those things, I'm sure.  :)

This is a short post.  I am still in love with running and my Monday/Thursday running group is really something I am looking forward to this week!  We have had some cooler temps here in town, so that has probably helped the love continue...

I did want to mention one other even I have started with my sister!  It is called Think.Drink.RUN.  It's crazy, wild fun and we are going into our 4th event in the month of August.  Did I work that right?  It is a monthly event.  The 4th one is August 19.  Basically, we have included trivia, beer drinking, and running in one fantastic evening!  Not even an evening...more like a couple hours!  :)  We have a "starting line" at one bar, where everyone meets up, the start time is 6:45 sharp (after pictures and trash talk), each team (of up to 5 individuals) gets instructions on where to go first and we are OFF!  At each of 4 bars, you will drink and beer and read some trivia questions.  The beer has to be consumed (one per team member) before you can leave and you will answer the questions you read at the next bar.  After 4 bars we all head to the after party location to answer our final round of questions and, hopefully, wait for the remaining teams!  The first month we only allowed 2 teams (my sister made one and I made one) because we truly weren't sure how things were going to pan out...it was so much fun we just couldn't stop talking about it!  So, month 2 we had 4 teams of 5 people and we all 20 ran the same route.  That was pretty exciting because of the constant heckling and yelling at each other.  For this most recent run, last Monday, we had 4 teams once again (2 of the teams were different) and we each had a different route to run.  So you really didn't know how you were doing until the finish line.  Again, it was amazing great fun!!!  Of course, people got drunk.  Silliness occurred.  Some plank contests happened.  :)  But, nobody vomited and nobody got in a fight.  So, I call that a winning night! 

The plan is to trademark the name/idea and take this show on the road!  So, we may be in your town next.....     ;)

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